We are Wayne Parker Kent.

Expect more.

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Actualizing ambition

We are Wayne Parker Kent.

We are brand builders, scale magnifiers, thought translators, digital architects and targeting snipers.
A group of creative thinkers who connected with each other over our collective passion.
A passion to always strive for more, to think differently, take action and create change.

With a data-driven narrative we make ideas that captivate and excite happen. From strategy to distribution, from creating the story to finding the perfect solution within our publishing network; we have the right person and the best practice for you and your brand.

WPK/The Agency

WPK/The Agency is a creative enterprise that does more than just content marketing. With a data-driven narrative we create stories that stick for every audience. From developing top-of-the-line content marketing strategies or head-turning campaigns, to launching full-blown content platforms. We are here for you and your brand.

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Due to our scope we have the insights to create matches made in targeting heaven. Do you and your story want to be matched up with the most suitable audiences? We got you.

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We build brands that capture the attention of a broad spectrum of audiences. Our dedicated copywriters create native content that keeps them coming back for more. Time after time.