The possibilities are endless.

Samsung wanted to optimize and increase the market penetration of the Dutch Android market.

Is that an Android phone, or are you just happy to see me?

After a research conducted by the electronic concern it became clear that smartphone users were hardly aware that their phone had the Android operating system. Let alone aware of all options Android, and in particular Samsung, devices, have to offer.

Awareness through support content

Due to these insights we chose not to focus on hero or hub content, but rather on hygiene content. We developed a hygiene content strategy with a main objective; to showcase all the extensive possibilities of Samsung devices, and Android in general.

De resultaten

A platform to show & tell

We created a content brand and platform: A dedicated YouTube-channel and video website, Android & You, where all the different features and options are presented through How-To videos. This resulted in a significant increase in their most important qualitative parameters, as well as NPS and PTO (‘Proud to own a Samsung device’) scores.

Total views
View-through rate
Total YouTube subscribers

Our creative achievements

Take a look at some of our best work below. From optimizing an existing content program, to developing a full-blown content marketing strategy, or launching a brand new content platform: we’ve done it.

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