De uitdaging

Creating real relationships between businesses asked us to help them improve the relationships with their partners: hotel, B&B and apartment owners all over the world.

Wanting to establish a real connection has different accommodation owners all over the world. Due to the high amount it’s difficult to keep a solid relationship with all. wanted to change that. They wanted to improve the relationships with all partners and asked us how to establish that.

Authentic stories people want to hear

We developed a B2B content campaign around the annual Guest Review Awards. Programmed to educate and help the partners grow their business. By using previous winners to tell their story and what they think is important in the hotel business, we created a personal and authentic message throughout.

De resultaten

Feeling at home all over the world

We created a branded video series with 14 documentaries, shot in 10 countries, highlighting previous winners of the Guest Review Awards. We improved the existing Guest Review Awards programme, and increased both brand appreciation and the owners’ perception of their relationship with With zero euro spent on paid media.

Video's op locatie


Great guest experiences in Athens

and, in Rio de Janeiro

The Guest Review Awards

With a digital magazine we had celebrate their hardworking partners.

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