Reaching all beer lovers

For Hertog Jan, we decided to make and do something special. Just like their beers. We developed a documentary series about their unique beers, called ‘The Taste of Beer’. But, before we started publishing the documentaries we identified and located all beer lovers in our complete network.

Converge all beer lovers

We created and distributed beer content through our network. Tracked its visitors and tracked the other content they read and watched. This allowed us to supplement the segment with lookalikes, making a total of 1,5 million relevant visitors across our network.

The Taste of Beer

An online documentary series

The first series consisted of seven episodes highlighting a special beer each week. A beer enthusiast hosted the episodes. Traveling to different real brewers to discover the story behind and the taste of the beers.

Written support

We created and distributed accompanying native articles and social content to grow awareness for the series and in doing so, for the brand and its products.

Expanding success

The documentary was such a succes that we could expand the concept. We translated the content into TV commercials – which where aired prime time – and advertorials in the one of the biggest Dutch newspapers (NRC). Currently we are still working on making more videos about the taste of Hertog Jan.