Let's go on an adventure

MINI came to us because they wanted to reach an audience outside of their target market for the relaunch of their Countryman.

The perfect ride for true thrill-seekers

The general target market of MINI consists mainly of urban young professionals and modern women. But, with the relaunch of the MINI Countryman they wanted to reposition this model as a unique, cool and manly car, and reach the active and adventurous man.

Navigating to the desired target audience

WPK/The Agency created a purposeful content strategy regarding the repositioning and new target audience. We created a storytelling, with outdoor adventures as focal point, to promote the Countryman as a rugged, but stylish, car for outdoor use.

De resultaten

Reaching them through a crossmedial journey

We introduced Outdoor Manners: a content hub dedicated to outdoor lifestyle. We developed a dedicated website, social channels and created a great variety of content, positioning MINI Countryman as the native hero.

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