Elastic Native

The future of content marketing

The next evolution of content marketing is not more content; it’s better distribution.

Native advertising, the perfect way to reach audiences with relevant content. But, difficult to scale and control.

We, at Wayne Parker Kent, wanted to change that. What if there was a way to create impact on scale, with one native advertorial?

We made it possible. With our own developed distribution system.

Not bounded by channels, but driven by data.
Reaching audiences, affecting individuals in a cost-efficient and -effective way.

Elastic Native connects all our brands and makes it possible to reach every audience within the full spectrum of our network of channels, with a tailored brand message, delivered when it's most relevant.

This method offers our clients the opportunity to determine and control the scope of their campaign. From layered audience segmentation to contextual targeting. Smart placing the data-driven content below native content for a cost-efficient way to create impact on scale.

Transparant. Cost-effective. Powerful.
That is Elastic Native.


Driven by data

Tailored content creation, realtime AB-testing.


One creative piece distributed across our whole network.

Optimal control

A wide range of segmentation and distribution options.


You only pay for Quality views (+15 seconds).

Why Elastic Native?

Content marketing has multiple advantages in comparison to traditional marketing. Due to the shift from push to pull it's less intrusive and has more impact. It attracts and captivates the audience for long periods of time. And, it offers brands the chance to tell a story, their story, to people that want to here it.


Content marketing always had one problem: scale. Where traditional commercials easily reach millions, content marketing was still up to face that challenge. Brands needed to produce and put out way more content to achieve the same numbers.

Until now...

Elastic Native is the solution for this problem. It offers advertisers the opportunity to reach a large crowd with one piece of creative content. A crowd that, due to our expansive data collection, can be segmented in multiple ways to accurately establish the desired target audience.

Next to only reaching audiences that want to listen to your brand message, we use our data to create tailored content that attracts and captivates the desired audience, deliver the content only when it matters and optimize every campaign to achieve the best ROI.



Split testing optimizes the distribution realtime.

Cross-network capping

Determine how many times a visitor sees the content.

Tailored content creation

Your brand message translated into multiple content variations for optimal result.

3rd party measuring

Monitor and measure the conversion and performance with your own pixels.